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NOf networking lunch 21st Jan 2016

Andrew Thacker is looking forward to meeting everyone at the NOf networking lunch with Marathon Oil

Collaborative Working
Collaborative Working has been an objective for many companies and organisations for some time. I am sure that many of you will have implemented, or intend to start, strategies and tactics that will allow you to work more closely with clients, contractors, suppliers, partners and yes, even consultants.

Research confirms People Positive approach to meetings and presentation

Recent research, reported in The Times, states that most people who attend meetings believe that they are uninspiring and uninvolving; that they would be more productive at their desks and that, on the whole, one person speaks too much.

Aberdeen-headquartered energy services company, Proserv, has established an influential annual sales conference in its corporate calendar and People Positive has been there to guide and record the outcomes.

People Positive Principal Consultant Steve Howe has facilitated all three of the conferences held in Alicante, Amsterdam and this year in Edinburgh.  

People Positive hosted a 'Leadership for Supervisors' forum at the Aberdeen Treetops Hotel on Thursday 30th January.   The topic of leadership was chosen in response to the resonant message from many of clients across the oil and gas industry that there is a lack of real focus and common approach to the development of its first time leaders both offshore and onshore. 

We'd like to thank all clients, suppliers and friends  of People Positive for your support over the last 25 years helping us to grow and develop into the international business we now represent. This year we are holding several events to explore how we can create the next 25 years by engaging with clients and suppliers to help us develop new products and to challenge us in our approach and thinking. People Positive has always held innovation as central to our success and already this year we have taken on global projects that are expanding our knowledge and experience.