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Collaborative Working

Collaborative Working
Collaborative Working has been an objective for many companies and organisations for some time. I am sure that many of you will have implemented, or intend to start, strategies and tactics that will allow you to work more closely with clients, contractors, suppliers, partners and yes, even consultants.

This desire to deepen working relationships so that each party gains more from them is recognised throughout industry and has been given extra impetus by the introduction of a Collaborative Working British Standard, BS11000. This Standard brings together excellent working practices and gives a framework within which collaborative working can take place.

It is our experience in working with clients that many are already working in a way that would be considered best practice by the standard. It is also our experience that some aspects of collaborative working are harder to achieve than others and that for some organisations which have traditionally been operated along contractor/client lines the changes in behaviour are difficult to contemplate and even harder to effect.

People Positive has been delivering alignment sessions, team-building courses, project kick-offs and many other interventions for 27 years. The principles of collaborative working are embedded in our approach and we have helped many organisations to work effectively with each other for the purpose of wining bids, having a successful drilling campaign, completing a successful rail project or other similar endeavor.

We are currently working with companies in oil and gas, rail and construction to deliver great performance by using collaborative methods more explicitly with the resulting positive impact on behavior.

An International Standard, ISO11000, based on the existing BS is due to be published in late 2016. It is expected that it will have a similar reach and influence at the quality standard ISO9000.

People Positive is working with the British Standards Group to ensure that the work and interventions we currently deliver are aligned with the philosophy and operation of the standard. This does not mean that we have to compromise our principles of delivery or our approach to facilitation. The components of the Standard, selecting a partner, working together and staying together are particularly resonant for what we do.

If you would like to know more about what we are doing to foster Collaborative working in organisations, please get in touch.

Similarly if you would like to know how what we do fits with the British Standard and how we can support you in achieving that standard we would be happy to help.